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underbar's settings are found under the WordPress Settings menu. As there are only a few options, it's not a place you'll visit very often.

  • Radio buttons control whether the Wunderbar opens at the top of the screen (the standard location) or at the bottom. Your personal preferences or the theme design may make Wunderbar work better if the formatting buttons are at the bottom of your browser.
  • A checkbox determines whether Wunderbar can edit contents under normal circumstances. Even if this is turned off, you can modify your theme to turn it on for a specific instance of get_contents() by inserting the wunderbar_on() function just prior to the contents you want displayed. The reverse is also true: a function wunderbar_off() applied at some point in a template will prevent the Wunderbar from being available for the next instance of the_content().
  • Turning this off is also a real possibility when working with Gutenberg-based pages – you can then define a specific block on a page as a Wunderbar block
  • The next checkbox determines whether Wunderbar can edit excerpts under normal circumstances. As with contents, you can modify your theme to turn Wuderbar on or off for a specific instance of get_excerpt() by inserting the wunderbar_on()  or wunderbar_off() function just prior to the excerpt you want displayed.
  • A third checkbox determines whether Wunderbar can edit titles under normal circumstances. The default setting here is “off, ” becuase of the various places titles can be displayed and WordPress' different methods for displaying them.Wunderbar may come into conflict with those methods. This is not Wunderbar's fault, but poor coding practices in the theme. At the bottom of the settings page, Wunderbar lists template pages that it suspects may be handling template design practices improperly. Depending on what it finds, it may make the “Post Titles are Editable by default” option unavailable.

Even if the title editing checkbox IS available, should Wunderbar list pages that may cause problems, it may be worth modifying your template files if you want to edit titles. On the other hand if you don't care about title editing, then don't worry about the files that Wunderbar reports on.

  • A large text area lets you enter parts of your website that wunderbar should not try to edit. Here you enter CSS identifiers which pinpoint what Wunderbar shouldn't abe allowed to edit. You can also use the “disallow editing in this area” from the front end of the site, and it will insert what it finds into this area.
  • A drop-down option lets you specify which size of image will used when you drag in new pictures. Because your original image can be as large as you like, WordPress offers several scaled-down versions that speed up the site display while still offering a high-quality viewing experience. Wunderbar will normally pick the “large” option but you can change that here.Remember you can always scale down any image while you edit a pice of content either by dragging the image handles or by right-clicking the image and selecting “image properties.”

It is possible to change the Wunderbar's bar of formatting buttons, removing, reordering, or even adding buttons. It can even be done selectively based on roles, so that a “client” role sees fewer editing options than the admin.  This is an advanced technique, but not terribly difficult if you have FTP access to the website. You will create one or more  small javascript (.js) files to be placed in the plugins folder. In it goes a function that names which toolbar buttons will appear. The default toolbar is seen below – ones that  create would usually have buttons removed from this list.

CKEDITOR.editorConfig = function( config ) {
    config.toolbar= [
        ['Bold', 'Italic', 'Strike','TransformTextSwitcher' ],
        [ 'BulletedList', 'NumberedList', '-',  'Indent','Outdent', 'Blockquote','-', 'JustifyLeft' , 'JustifyRight', 'JustifyCenter', 'JustifyBlock'],
        [ 'Styles' , 'Font', 'FontSize' ,'lineheight','letterspacing'],
        [ 'TextColor','BGColor','CopyFormatting','RemoveFormat'],
        [ 'Link', 'Unlink','Anchor' ],
        [ 'addFile','addImage','wpmedia','Media','VideoEmbed','VideoDetector','Table','HorizontalRule', 'SpecialChar','CreateDiv','Iframe' ],

        ['ShowBlocks','Find', 'PasteCode', 'PasteFromWord','PasteText','htmlsource' ]

Wunderbar is based on the CKEditor 4 code core, and the CKEditor website has full details.

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