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Wunderbar History and Releases

The Wunderbar functionality is spun off from a private CMS solution that Terra-Virtua first developed 13 years ago and still maintains today. Wunderbar's core code and basic concepts are long-proven.

1.8.0 2019/09/28 upgraded editor with column creation
1.7.3 2019/03/08 upgraded editor with improved functions
1.7.1 2018/12/26 Fixes to improving compatibility with more installations
1.7.0 2018/11/06 Compatible with WordPress 5 and Gutenberg editor
1.6.0 2018/07/28 Add custom HTML to images and files; hide custom post types from being edited
1.5.0 2018/02/08 The Wunderbar now offers to create pages/or posts when you vist a nonexistant page
1.4.1 2017/11/13 A drop-down menu of user-configurable styles improves WYSIWYG editing options.
1.4.0 2017/07/25 Seamless integration with the Advanced Custom Fields plugin
1.3.0 2017/07/07 and updated visual Editor core with many improvements; double-click to start editing
1.2.0 2017/02/28 Delete comments; mobile editing; bugfixes; stadard plugin version checking
1.1.0 2017/02/08 Wunderbar-widgetized; can edit comments too; settings option in plugins list page
1.0.3 2016/11/27 fix to reverting history; add external image link option
1.0.2 2016/09/19 help page; code review; using wb_nav_menu_items to force bad menus to never edit.
1.0.1 2016/09/05 Worpdress Text widgets editable using put_content_here shortcode
1.0.0 2016/09/03 Initial Release


Dave Cook

I have a couple of problems/questions:
(1) There are no icons shown on the Wunderbar toolbar
(2) I’m using a custom php file to show content, so how do I get Wunderbar to recognise where I’ve moved the excerpt and the content to?


1) I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be seeing icons / the editing toolbar. The main reason would be that the editor wouldn’t load for some reason. The toolbar only appears once you have clicked a paperclip to begin editing and the editor code loads. It’s possible you’re not loading any areas that Wunderbar can edit because of your second point – the custom php code.

2) Wunderbar will try to attach itself to the wordpress functions the_content, the_title, the_excerpt, and comment_text. If you are doing something else in your custom code like using get_the_content then printing it a bit later, Wunderbar can’t work with that.

That might be your problem… I’d need to see your setup to know what’s happening or not happening in your specific situation.


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