Client Photography
Insurance Agency Staff
Video, Photography, and Voiceover Work A selection of personal and professional projects
Monty Python Madness
Video: Monty Python Madness
Promotional video in the style of the British comedy group. I co-wrote, co-directed, co-edited, and yes, even appeared in the video.
father christmas
Client Photography
Father Christmas in a shop
Voiceover Samples
Demo reel of voiceover work. As one of y hobbies is old time radio, I have performed scores of old radio parts like the Shadow and Superman.
doctor who
Personal Photography
Doctor Who cosplayer
Royal wedding party
Video: Royal Wedding Watching Party
Shot using an iPhone at 5 AM as hundreds watched 2018's British Royal wedding in a parking lot. Portions of my footage aired on ABC's "20/20" news program.
Client Photography
Newly-opened Charter School
Client Photography
Staff Photo from Dental office, shot on site
Personal Photography
Windmill in a lifting morning fog
Video: Cosmetic Surgery Associates
Done with zero budget as part of an hour-long waiting-room video loop demonstrating the range of cosmetic surgery services performed.
train and snow
Personal Photography
Grapevine Texas in a rare heavy snowfall

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