The Key Features of The Wunderbar

Wunderbar is a full-featured WYSIWYG editor for WordPress, with functions and formatting capabilities like a word processor. Unlike ordinary WordPress, you edit your page content from the website itself, not from the administrative back-end. With Wunderbar you can see exactly what you are doing and what your page will look like as you work on it. Unlike complex tools like Visual Composer, the Wunderbar doesn't break your content down into tiny isolated bits that must be edited in popup windows, but allows you to edit the contents as a full complete group.

The Wunderbar plugin is available in two versions: the free Wunderbar Basic  and the full-featured edition known simply as The Wunderbar. The chart below lists some of the important features of both editions:



FREE $24


Edit Pages
Edit Posts
Edit Comments
Edit Post/Page Titles
Edit Post/Page Excerpts
Edit multiple areas on the same web page
Includes “Put Content Here” shortcode
includes Wunderbar-editable Widget
Edit fields created by
Advanced Custom Fields


Left/Right/Center/Full Justification
One-button Change Text Case
Lists, Indents, Blockquotes
Paragraph and Headline Formats
Change Font, Text Size, & Line Height & Character Spacing
Change Text and Background Color
Insert Special Characters
Insert DIVs

Hyperlinks to other pages/posts

Hyperlinks to external URLs
Create Tables


Drag and drop Images into content
Specify Default Size for Images
Resize Images after Placing
Drag and drop files (PDF, DOC, etc) into content
Insert images from Media Library

Additional Capabilities

Search and Replace
Paste from MS Word
Paste as Plain Text
Paste as Code
View/edit source code
Optimized for Mobile Phone Editing
Limit Wunderbar to specific content types
Limit Wunderbar to certain template locations
Works with virtually any theme
Tech Support Available