WordPress can make almost any kind of website — but it doesn't make updating it easy. Until now.
The Wunderbar lets you edit your posts and pages in WYSIWYG, right from the page. Try it yourself on this page…


You already know how to use the Wunderbar plugin, because it works just like the word processors you've used all your life. Right above your WordPress website we add a formatting bar with a full set of familiar options.


Nothing is faster (or easier) than Wunderbar editing. Visit the page you want to change, click the Wunderbar crosshairs cursor, then start editing and styling. Click the SAVE button. Boom. You're done  – in seconds.


Wunderbar works with most any theme. Edits posts, pages, contents, excerpts, and titles. Drag in pictures and files. Add hyperlinks. Create tables. It's far more versatile than the built-in WordPress editor.  

A working version of WunderBar is active on this page! Look for the crosshair cursor at the left side of the content block below, and click it to edit the content attached to it. (You may have to move your mouse to make the cursor appear.) Then imagine EVERY PAGE of your WordPress website is editable just this easily.

Welcome to a live Wunderbar demonstration!

Imagine this is a sample page in your website. Imagine you installed the Wunderbar Plugin. Notice the colorful cursor at the upper left of this content.  Click it, and you can begin editing this part of the page.

While editing, you'll see a full set of editing tools along the top of the page. Try out a few. You can control the fonts, the colors, the sizes. You can make hyperlinks and tables. It only takes a few moments to realize that this is how WordPress content should be edited. (Plus you also have access to the HTML source code and you can also continue using the old WordPress editor if you need it.)

After you're done editing, when you click the SAVE button at the far left of the Wunderbar, your content is written back to the WordPress database, instantly available to everyone.

(Well, except in this demo. It won't save your work.)