The Wunderbar: Why wasn't WordPress page editing always obvious like this?

Let's face it. WordPress can make almost any kind of website — but it doesn't make updating it easy.
Why is it so awkward just to edit a page, a post, or a picture? Why does WordPress put so many steps in between you and your content?
Well, now it doesn't. Now there's the Wunderbar. Edit your pages in WYSIWYG, right on the page.

May 2021: Version 1.9 now available!


You already know how to use the Wunderbar plugin, because it works just like the word processors you've used all your life. Right on top of your website we add a formatting bar with a full set of familiar options. Create tables. Paste from Microsoft Word. Even drag pictures and files (PDFs for example) directly into your editing area.

Because you edit visually, you can be certain that What You'll Get is What You See™. Nothing is quicker, simpler, or more straightforward than Wunderbar for updating your pages.


Nothing is faster (or easier) than Wunderbar editing. When you see the page and the content you want to change, click the Wunderbar cursor. Wunderbar's tools appear at the top of the page. You just start typing and styling. Finished? Click the SAVE button. No more visits to WordPress Admin to update things. You're in and out in seconds – site changes have never been smoother or easier.

Wunderbar works with virtually any theme. It edits posts, pages, contents, excerpts, and titles. Add hyperlinks. Edit the HTML source of your content if you want. The Wunderbar even lets you mark your theme's tricky custom content parts for WYSIWYG editing.


Gutenberg is the new editing component in  WordPress 5. While Gutenberg is an improvement over the classic WordPress editor, it still only edits content from the back-end admin area of the website. In contrast, the Wunderbar lets you edit all your content from the front end. You see exactly what your visitors see while you are editing: all your styles, fonts, and layout intact.

The Wunderbar is friendly with well-formed Gutenberg content. It retains Gutenberg's hidden structure codes while adding nothing extra of its own. You can even create Wunderbar-editable Gutenberg blocks

Need we point out that this page (OK, this whole site) was built and is being updated with the Wunderbar?

Get the Wunderbar plugin for WordPress:
You'll wonder how you ever worked without it.